Let’s go again

The dreaded first post after what feels like years away from blogging..but here we are. I whittled away on Deadjournal throughout my undergraduate years, mainly complaining about work and stressing over my studies. A good 10+ years later, nothing’s really changed with the exception of my work paying for my actual life (as opposed to just providing me my booze money to spend on jugs of cocktails and vodka at my local). 
 13 years ago I had just graduated with an BSc Econ (Hons). Today I have just received an e-mail telling me my final PhD submission date is in September 2021. How things change.. And yet they don’t. Still, here’s to a new start in the world of blogging. 

Me? I am a part-time PhD student, a good few years into my research. I’m at the equivalent level of someone who’s completed their first full year. 

Outside my research efforts, I work in a completely unrelated job which I am (hopefully, fingers crossed) in the process of changing because it not only takes away my will to live, but hinders my academic work because I spend a good 60 hours a week doing it. I have something lined up, that I will *fingers crossed* get. I am trying not to jinx it because having a slightly more humane schedule that would allow me to work more on my PhD wold be amazing. It still won’t be academic, but a change nevertheless. 

Needless to say, my life revolves around working and the PhD. But I do have some passions outside the everyday life. Ice hockey, drinking vast amounts of caffeine while sighing into my Filofax, and wasting hours on YouTube (watching kpop videos)  are how I spend a large amount of those hours that I could spend sleeping. I am an ex-pat, who focuses her research on immigration and frequently gets into a rant about racism, dumb press and the blind faith that people have in the media.  I am left-handed, left-eyed, have an obsession with the japanese cooking show ‘Cooking With Dog’ (YouTube it), and a love of airports.  I’m older then you think when you meet me, and as cynical as Victor Meldrew.

Pleased to meet you.