I have again been notable silent on my blog. Call it whatever you like – I’ll call it being stunned. This post is more about touching base than anything else. 

In the past few weeks I have left my old job and am about to start my new one tomorrow. Needless to say that I feel like I have been smacked around the head with a brick. My new job has required me to take exams even before starting, and entails more responsibility than I have ever really held. In the recent years anyway. 

 Academically my time has been spent with data collection, and not has that been painful! There is do much more data than expected, and one data set had already brought into light a completely new dilemma I need to figure out. 

 All I was to do is watch Netflix and sleep. Too bad the self-funded researcher student life requires being an actual responsible grown up. 

Time to crank up this song [my current motivational tune] and pull myself together. 

Because sometimes you need to think you are the best thing ever.