Off Again 

Greetings from the road. Here is another short and rambling post fuelled by train station coffee and not enough sleep. 

I’m currently sitting on a train, on my way to a concert and typing away on WordPress on my iPhone. If I’d had any sense I would have brought my tablet with me, or atleast crammed in a pile of reading in my bag, since I’m trying to both write up my context and start organising and coding my data. In an odd way, although my thoughts are jumbled up, it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel. This time it also feels that light is not the proverbial oncoming train…

 I am not saying that I have reached any level of understanding of my topic that goes beyond the intellectual level of a cabbage. However, I am beginning to see how things might fit together and form a thesis. Naturally, who knows what the data might throw at me. I’ve already been ‘pleasantly’ surprised by the fact that there is an emerging issue in my data that goes beyond a certain national group and delves into other types of discrimination. This came out of the woodworks although on hindsight you may have guessed it to be an issue. Only the actual data analysis period will show me whether this was just a fluke or whether it is a real significant issue that needs addressing. 

However, instead of sensible work, I have an hour to kill during my travel which I am currently spending writing up a to-do list. So far I only have one item on it -‘write everything that needs doing into the diary’. 

I wonder how far from the country I could get without a passport .. Running away from responsibilities seems like a good idea, and I don’t even have my diary with me today! The whole issue of ‘everything that needs doing’ is a difficult one. Right now, the immediately list is as follows: 

  • Read the library book that needs returning next week…
  • ..after finding which book we’re talking about because I forgot. 
  • Find supervision record forms…
  • ..recall the dates and what was discussed..
  • ..organise a time to get the forms signed by supervisors…
  • ..get the forms to the administrator by next week
  • Note down overtime at work and try to remember when I am back at work (Wednesday? I’m on a simple pattern so this should be easy, ffs)
  • Check a conference registration rate and figure out if I can afford it this month
  • Pay rent
  • Book careers advice time to wail about the same stuff I have wailed about for three years now
  • Write a few travel details in my diary
  • Change into a new diary which has all the stuff needed
  • KonMari the hell out of my studio flat
  • Collect data
  • Analyse data
  • Chuck data away
  • Write a good 5,000 words of my historical context
  • Go to the gym on my days off
  • Find universities in Japan, South Korea, China, for starters (goes with my Careers advice meeting plan)
  • Learn japanese
  • Learn korean
  • Pay off student loan
  • Have a hot dog at the hockey match 

Hmm. Immediately things to do you say? I think I’ll just put my headphones on, watch YouTube and pretend none of this is happening..


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