On The Way Home

I went to get some bookstore inspiration. Why do you find these places on days when you have no money to spend? 


Getting Stuck In -or Sucked In?

 There is no other way that I can describe the past few months (well, 4 months!) than a great void. I have started my first bit of teaching, which has meant that I have spent weeks in an oblivion, trying to figure out my own research  in the mean time. Combine that with the stress of Brexit, and I have been asking myself the same question over and over again – what the hell am I doing?

The past months have passes with no trace, and all I seem to have done has been sleep and stress. As I recall, the last time something like this happened was when I was in business college working on one essay and feeling like nothing was going ahead. There seems to be a large void where my life used to be. The days blend into one, and I have very little recollection on what I have been doing in the past weeks. Certainly it feels like there has been nothing constructive going on with everything.

As I am typing this, I am waiting to hear from a student of mine to see if she want to have a supervision today. I had a meeting that was cancelled, and I earlier met one student. Before this, I finished a night shift in my regular job, hopped on a bus and rushed four hours away. Tonight I have to wait until 10 pm to for my bus (it’s now half past two) , I’ll get home nearer one and tomorrow I need to go an abundance of housework, clean, write my own research, and get enough sleep to head out to work on Friday for some overtime. no wonder there seems to be a small black ball of nothingness occurring at the moment!

Take this as what you want. A whinge about my busy life (it is) or a brief mulling about what life is like at the moment. In the end it seems that it is time to pull my fingers out  and start working again though.