On The Way Home

I went to get some bookstore inspiration. Why do you find these places on days when you have no money to spend? 


Time Flies When You Have Fun

Goodness me. I have not long come back from a trip to London where I have been discussing the first course I have a more academic role at. On the way back I met up with someone I started my research Masters with – and who will next week have her viva and defend her research.

Where does the time go? It feels like not long ago we all started out respective journeys in at the University, and now look at us. we seems to be getting to do things,go to places… At the same time I am currently still trying to figure out the situation with Brexit and how life will revolve around that. There is a backup plan which is time consuming, and another backup plan which is even more time consuming. Then there is obviously the newest backup plan which is the most time consuming, and which will either offer me a respite from the woes that are involved with doing research of media racism or add to the general frustrations by increasing my workload with things I am probably too dumb to understand (we’re talking complex maths and physics here). But  as my perennially cheery ex-colleague  said, you can learn complex things, you just have to tell yourself that you can and then throw yourself right in there.

Right now the only thing I intend to throw myself into is the bed, however. Tomorrow is a library day which involves lots of preparation for the teaching session on Friday where I meet the students I will be guiding through their research project. Then it will be back to normality for me – back to the day job. And to the normality of trying to figure out my own next steps. Luckily I have an online peer support group who are aiming for the same thing as I am as my backup pan number 3.  Maybe we will muddle through all of this together.

On A Time Out 

Today I have started a hybrid holiday and travelled to Finland for a few days of snow and, by the looks of it, sunshine.

It is however not a full holiday – the intention is to schedule my booked skating lessons in the diary, look at whether playing hockey would be a real option, read a book and find some new source material for my research, plot through ten articles with the intent to do the same, and then start writing posts for two different blogs now that I finally have a lightweight laptop.

 The work never ends but atleast this time it is done somewhere different.


Things That Hit You

The realisation that the conference in Japan is in four months and no preparations have been yet done. 

 Time to break out those language books and try to figure out things like flights and hotels. Next week, conference registration, the month after that, the flights. For now, just getting ready mentally.